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"Paul says yes on local earmarks"

Associated Press, June 27th, 2007

WASHINGTON He's known as "Dr. No" for all his votes against government spending, but Texas Rep. Ron Paul isn't saying no to spending in his district.

Mr. Paul, a Republican presidential candidate and physician, has requested earmarks for about 50 items, largely for water projects, according to request letters released by his office.

In written requests he submitted to the House Appropriations Committee, the Lake Jackson Republican asked for $8.6 million for the Army Corps of Engineers to maintain the Texas City Channel and $10 million for the Galveston Rail Causeway Bridge. He also asked for money for a nursing program, expansion of a cancer center at Brazosport Hospital, a seafood testing program, a Children's Identification and Location Database and $8 million for Wild American Shrimp Marketing requested by the Texas Shrimp Association.

Tom Lizardo, a Paul aide, said Mr. Paul has always asked for spending for his district in response to local requests.

"He feels the IRS takes the money and so it's [his] job to make sure money comes back in the district," Mr. Lizardo said.

However, Mr. Paul usually votes against final spending bills containing his earmarks when they reach the House floor. So far this year he has voted against funding bills for military construction, veterans and state-foreign operations. He did not cast a vote when the Homeland Security and legislative funding bills were on the floor.

Many lawmakers feel they are better off requesting funding for specific projects in their districts rather than waiting for a bureaucratic agency to decide which project is funded. Mr. Paul agrees, Mr. Lizardo said.

Ron Paul is the keynote speaker at the ICSPP Conference in October 2007. The International Center for the Study of Psychiatry and Psychology is a controversial group that disputes the existence of many mainstream psychiatric diagnoses.

His participation in this conference is in line with his stated policies on the subject of psychiatry, as seen here, here, and here on LewRockwell.com, and also with his participation in projects such as Psychiatry: An Industry of Death.

Work in progress.

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